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Dogs of Hungary
From the European country of Hungary we have less than a dozen breeds of dog. Of these breeds, half were used with livestock, from herding and droving to guarding the flocks. The remaining Hungarian dogs were used for hunting.

A common misconception with various breeds of dogs, including the Hungarian breeds, is the term “sheepdog”. There are different types of dogs that work with livestock, some work with the animals, herding them from one location to the next, or keeping them together as a flock. Other breeds that are commonly referred to as sheepdogs are actually livestock guardians. This is the case with the Komondor and Kuvasz. These breeds actually remain with the flock daily; they live with them and protect the animals from either predators or thieves. These Hungarian dogs have to withstand the climates and weather, and must be fierce protectors against other animals, such as wolves. The Komondor and Puli are unique in appearance to many other breeds, as they have corded fur that is dreadlock-like in appearance. These are the only two breeds that breed true to have this type of fur, although a non-Hungarian dog, the Poodle, can have corded fur.

Hungary is also the home of the Vizsla dogs, both the wirehaired and shorthaired types, although the shorthaired is much more common than its cousin. While many of there herding breeds from Hungary are recognized worldwide, including the United States, only the shorthaired Vizsla shares this widespread recognition. The other hunting breeds from this region are relatively unknown; they are the Erdelyi Kopo (Transylvanian Hound) and Magyar Agar (Hungarian Greyhound). Although some information exists on this breed, they are still quite rare outside of Hungary, but are slowly gaining interest in other parts of Europe.

Hungarian Greyhound
Transylvanian Hound
Wirehaired Vizsla

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