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Dogs of Austria
Most of the dogs from Austria are hunting hounds, including the Alpine Dachsbracke, as well as the Austrian Black and Tan, Styrian coarse-haired, and Tyrolean Hound.  Also among the dogs of Austria is the Austrian Pinscher, which was commonly used on farms.
The history of the Austrian dogs is old and rich.  It is believed that the Austrian Black and Tan, as well as the Tyrolean Hound are both decedents of the Celtic hounds.  These dogs were greatly respected by warrior and royalty alike.  They had an immense amount of loyalty and courage, and often used on the hunt.  Many Celtic myths and legends mention these hounds even today.  The Celtic hounds were even used in battle as war dogs.  Eventually the bloodline found its way into these two Austrian dog breeds.
The Austrian dog breeds are not as well known outside of their homeland as some of the other European breeds.  Although they are all recognized by the Federation Cynologique International (FCI), an internationally recognized Kennel Club, only the Alpine Dachsbracke and the Austrian Pinscher are recognized in the United States under the United Kennel Club (UKC).  The other Austrian dogs have not yet been recognized.

Alpine Dachsbracke
Austrian Black and Tan Hound
Austrian Pinscher
Styrian coarse-haired Hound
Tyrolean Hound

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