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The Dogs of Africa
Various dog breeds are African in origin.  Many of the African dog breeds are not well known, however probably the most known is the Basenji.

 Many of the African dog breeds have been considered ancient for centuries, however, because of recent DNA testing, it is now believed that they are merely more recent creations designed to resemble the hieroglyphics upon the Egyptian tombs.  Out of the fourteen ancient breeds distinguished by the DNA testing, only one African Dog Breed truly holds the title of ancient, the Basenji.

Despite the results of the DNA testing, no one can dispute that African dog breeds run deep in its history, most notably that of Egypt.  The ancient Egyptians revered and deified the dog.  Many dogs have been found mummified beside their masters.  Ancient African dog breeds litter hieroglyphics from Greyhound to Basenji to Pharaoh Hound type dogs.

In Egypt Mythology African dog breeds of the past are frequently represented by the well known Egyptian God, Anubis.  Although it has been argued that Anubis’ head is not that of a dog, but rather that of a jackal or wolf, it is still canine and most widely believed to be a dog/wolf cross.  The Egyptian God Set is also widely believed to have the head of a Greyhound-like dog adding to the Greyhound is an African dog breed debate.

Other African dog breeds include the Rhodesian Ridgeback of South Africa, a fierce dog that was breed to hunt african lions in packs.  The Africanis, as its name suggests, is also an African dog breed, however it is not at this time acknowledged by any registry.  Nevertheless, the Africanis is considered by many to truly be the dog of Africa.

Coton de Tulear
Perro de Presa Canario
Podenco Canariao
Rhodesian Ridgeback

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